Scope of Avalanche Forecasting

Our Mission

To minimize casualties due to avalanche incidents by creating a solid platform that provides important and timely information to the public.

Factors such as snow, glaciers, ice sheets, sea ice, ice shelves, and soil moisture will trigger an avalanche. monitors these factors to get accurate analysis and forecasting to be released to the public. Our organization also exert efforts in creating publications about cryosphere as this can be a major trigger to an avalanche. Needless to say, the possibilities of accidents increase during winters. Everyone should be alert and careful especially when going outdoors.

Potential Avalanche Mapping Tools and Studies is developing strategies and tools to help with the study of avalanche for better prediction and mapping. Avalanche poses a huge risk for motorists and to the people near the area where an avalanche is predicted to occur. There has been a preventative measure called avalauncher. This method uses explosives to lessen the accumulation of ice in one area. It aims to lower the extremity of the incident. However, it used to be done without certain data which resulted in injuries and accidents. believes that these unnecessary added dangers can be eliminated through detailed research and studies.

We are facing a natural disaster bigger than any of us. We need all the help we can get. has partnered with safety teams even with the Amsterdam bike rental. Together, we develop techniques, study new methods, and refine procedures of our prevention efforts.

Forming Anchors To Minimize the Damage of Avalanche

The most natural way to minimize the damage of an avalanche is by forming anchors around the high risks areas. The key to helping solve the dangers caused by a natural disaster is already in nature itself. Pine trees are great anchors. They don’t only give us a sweet aroma every morning, they can also shield us from a big avalanche. We often underestimate the power of nature. Man-made things of Madame Tussaudwould deteriorate. But nature, it will find life whenever it has the chance. compels everyone to protect nature. Let’s form anchors by preserving nature itself.

Be Informed, Be Safe

Avalanche is an act of God. Though avalanche is an uncontrollable incident, it can be predicted. Our avalanche forecasters have been monitoring avalanche incidents to ensure the safety of backcountry travellers and warn the people travelling to Amsterdam city pass. Ignorance can be deadly. Be informed, and be safe. Register to receive important updates in avalanche forecasting and other triggers that might cause it.