The Worst Avalanches of All time

Avalanches are often quick to trigger. It is swift to slide and fast to bury anything in its path. It is not your typical stroll in Amsterdam zoo. Expect the worst if you ever come across this natural disaster. Not all Avalanches are created equal. Some are more destructive than others. Here’s the list of the worst avalanches of all time.

Afghanistan Avalanches 2015

A series of avalanches, 40 in total were among the worst avalanches to hit Afghanistan in three decades. 310 people were killed and 129 were injured. Heavy snowfalls and the unusually warm temperatures caused these avalanches to completely destroy homes and take away hundreds of lives.

Afghanistan Avalanches 2012

Afghanistan was hit again by a massive avalanche and completely buried a small remote town. It is a town of about 200 people, 50 of them were killed during the accident. The village was extremely remote that the rescue team took two full days to reach it. The rescuer has to move cautiously in an avalanche-prone zone to help the survivors.

Salang Avalanches 2010

A freak blizzard in the region of Salang was the culprit for a series of avalanches that buried an area of roadways and engulf the Salang tunnel which trapped thousands of people in the tunnel. It was not likecheap night Amsterdam vacation, but a long time of waiting in agony. Heavy machinery was used to assist the people while they sit and wait for days to be rescued.

Huascarán-Ancash Avalanche 1970

This was the most destructive avalanche the world has ever seen. This massive avalanches in Peru were triggered by the worst earthquake in Peruvian history. The earthquake is known as the great Peruvian earthquake.  It pays to plan ahead of time when preparing your next boat rental Amsterdam. The earthquake set loose a huge chunk of ice from Mount Huascarán. The ice was 910 meters wide and 1.6 kilometres long. It rushed down the mountainside with an unbelievable speed of 335 kilometres per hour devouring everything in its path.